UK / Australian

These tilting buckets are made for backhoe and mini excavators of the 3 ton, 5 ton and 8 ton class. The cutting edge is made of 400 BHN hardened steel or of ST 52 steel with holes drilled for the purpose of adding a commercially available hardened cutting edge which can be bolted on as required. The cylinders are purchased by us from our local Indian supplier and we supply the completed unit to the customer. The customer has to buy the hoses locally and customise this for the ultimate customer. These buckets are based on designs provided by our Australian customer and also sold now in the UK.

These buckets are typically made in 1200 and 1500 mm widths though the occasional 8 ton tilt is also made in 1800 mm width. Some of these buckets are requested complete with a hydraulic quick hitch to suit the appropriate backhoe loader. In that case, we use our own in house quick coupler.

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